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Police Foundation Launches New Center for Unmanned Aircraft Systems in Public Safety


As sUAS technology continues to advance and its use becomes increasingly widespread, the goal of the Police Foundation Center for Unmanned Aircraft Systems in Public Safety is to help law enforcement navigate the equally important community policing aspects of adopting the technology, including community concerns related to privacy and civil rights, transparency and accountability, the development of policy and procedure, and operational safety. 

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Police Drones Give Police Vast and Unregulated Powers – Unless the Public Steps In

There is no nationwide policy on drones, leading to different uses and abuses among police departments. A year and a half ago, the Police Foundation released a 311-page guidebook entitled Community Policing & Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS): Guidelines to Enhance Community Trust. 

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Who Will Police Police Drones?

Like many police technologies, there’s no unifying nationwide policy on drones. How each department will actually use drones is not entirely clear. Police Foundation research informs the debate, who will police police drones?

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Huntington Beach Police will start using drones, but with limits

The Huntington Beach Police Department received the City Council’s unanimous approval Monday night for a one-year pilot program to learn how two drones can be used to enhance public safety.

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Trump administration selects 10 cities to test drones

The US Department of Transportation announced that 10 state and local governments were selected to test advanced drone applications as part of a program to ease them into American skies.

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Illinois Senate approves plan that would allow police to monitor large crowds with drones

Police across Illinois could use drones to monitor crowds at sporting events, music festivals and other large gatherings under legislation the state Senate approved Wednesday.

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House votes to outlaw weapons on small recreational drones 

The House voted Friday to outlaw weapons on small drones.

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Rockford police to start using drones to aid in investigations

Police in the northern Illinois city of Rockford will begin using drones to help with traffic investigations.

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