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Anti-drone technology to be used at NASCAR races in Texas

The Texas Department of Public Safety, the Denton County Sheriff, the Fort Worth Police Department, the Texas Forest Service, and the Texas Rangers will be using technology from a company called DroneShield to protect the skies during the 2018 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series at the Texas Motor Speedway.

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Trump administration seeks authority to intercept drone communications to thwart domestic attacks

Citing a growing threat of drone use by terrorists for surveillance or as weapons, the Trump Administration is seeking authority to intercept drone communications.

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Ohio Attorney General releases model policy for police UAS use

In addition to the creation of a model policy, 14 recommendations address topics such as licensure, training, protocols, and data/records management.

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Police Commissioner says BPD ready to implement drones

The Boston Police Department Commissioner says it is ready to roll out the use of drones but Councilor Edwards says she would like to discuss the new technology with the police and community before putting it on the streets. 

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White House wants agents to be able to down civilian drones

The White House is preparing to propose giving law enforcement and security agencies the authority to track and disable in flight civilian drones that present a threat.

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Louisville plans to become first U.S. city to use drones to respond to gunshots

The city has applied for federal permission to launch self-guided drones to collect video at the scene of gunshot reports coming from its ShotSpotter system.

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5 steps toward achieving community support for police UAS programs.

This month, the Police Foundation’s UAS and community policing work was highlighted in Police One’s 2018 guide to drones in law enforcement. The Police Foundation is excited to partner with Police One on disseminating relevant and timely information to law enforcement.

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Plan hatched to allow drone flying in Washington restricted airspace.


The National Council on UAS, Police Foundation, and Federal Aviation Administration announce plan to allow public safety to fly UAS in the restricted airspace in the National Capital Region (NCR).

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