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Police Foundation releases new infographic on sUAS in public safety.

Today the Police Foundation released a new infographic for both law enforcement agencies considering the use of sUAS for public safety purposes and for communities interested in learning more about the purposes and protections surrounding their use.

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NYC firefighters use drone to help battle blaze for first time

New York City firefighters used a drone for the first time to monitor a dangerous blaze, illustrating how local governments deploy remote-controlled aircraft for risky public safety and police work.

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Police Foundation releases Community Policing and UAS guidebook.

To help law enforcement address concerns about privacy risks associated with the use of UAS technology for public safety, the Police Foundation is releasing new recommendations for local law enforcement considering their use.

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Police Foundation releases the “5 Things you Need to Know About sUAS in Law Enforcement”.

The Police Foundation is excited to release the newest in the “5 Things” series, 5 Things You Need to Know About Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems in Law Enforcement. This resource is being released in anticipation of our forthcoming guidebook, “Community Policing and Unmanned Aircraft Systems: Guidelines for Enhancing Community Trust.”

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